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It has been so long since I've Blogged. Well that fact is I had a revalation. No one reads these things. People, most people, blog with the idea that people are actually reading these things. The truth is the greatest blogs on the internet still only get about 100 visitors per day. But I have come to with idea that people have been doing what I am doing for hundreds of years. I am keeping a diary. And It is archieving what is happening in my life. So for the sake of my life I will continue my world of blogging.
Nothing much is happening at work. I just got an e-mail about a really cool service that we will be adding at the SI. It's called WiVID, it's going to change the way you visit the SI. For example If you want to know more about a certain exhibit you simply just click on it's icon on the screen, it's going to be awesome.
Well today I'm going to experience some more blogger type activities. When I get back I try a better blog post.


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