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Jon In Pain
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What a week, sean is really doing some great work with his flickr, very exciting stuff. Saturday was the flickr show at knew in Georgetown. It was wonderful, i feel really stupid for not bringing my video camera and making a video documentation of the night. I really thought i knew alot about the d.c. blog and flickr scene. Boy was I wrong. THeir is so much out their and so many people with so many diffrent visions. All that I can say is the the future of Web 2.0 is safe. I hope to become more acqainted with d.c. flickr world.
Also I've become very enthuiastic of suburban sprawl and urban development. I guess i just really intrested and marketing and advertising. I can't wait to get to VCU and learn about all the diffrent things going on in the design.
One day every one will catalog their life and have a resource in which to go back to for memories. WEB 2.0 Lives.


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