War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds
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The West Wing went to the American movie diner, minus stevie and jon. The movie of the night was war of the world (1952). I got the hamburger and the chocolate milk shake. The food was average and filling. I love the atmosphere of the place, very safe and great stop in the area.
I was featured on DCist today, that was pretty cool. Also today Nadja finally got to watch the original Charley and the Chocolate Factory movie. I love that film.
I love my new camera so much.
So tomarrow I have my drawing class. I might not stay at Seans painting class. Seans going to be working any ways. I'll see. I really need a haircut. Thurday I'm getting my senior photos taken. That means I'll be working Tuesday to make up for time lost.
Also just to comment: Go see my blog post about islamist extremist at the begining of july about the current events of the weekend. I am so upset that people still have not caught up with the times.


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