The Art of Annoyance

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So today I developed the roll I shot of Lauren. I will put the photos onto flickr soon. I don't know if your reading this but if you are you should know that that banner at the top of the page is actually my flickr streamed live. Pretty cool huh?
Also I am accumulating currently all of the poems I have written this winter, so far I am up to 28. I really like making little videos. And it's so easy with my camera. Unfortunalty I'm scared I am flooding the market with short little nothings. I promise to tune up my editorial powers soon. I really want to get my Stevie Documentary done. I need someone to keep a deadline to.
I am very excited about the future. I've submitted my app for VCU and have a volunteership at the Frank Loyd Wright House here in VA. That's pretty much it for me currently. I have a lot of work to do, and not enough strength to do it all.


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