Look At the Snow!

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This is a video that I shot on that Sunday. I really miss the snow. But I guess it's the trade off you give for 60 degree weather. Also I just wanted to say how great I felt today. I found this wonderful book called Hope for the Flowers. This book has really opened my eyes on the wonderful fight and revolution that life is. I asure you that I am not nearly as depressed as my last video put me out to be. So check it out and also go rent or buy the movie Pleasantville. This movie also has really changed my outlook on life including the movie Millions. So there's some media for you to go and consume. I hope it will impact you as much as it has me. Wow, I really feel good about this whole up and coming months.
Also, check it out. Isn't it intresting that I've got on average 4 subscribers to my blog now. I feel really proud of this fact. But also I don't want it to become something where I'm just making videos and things to keep more people coming back. I have to remind myself that it's out quality not quantity. So have a great week. I'm going to the dadist exhibit Saturday, and Monday I'm working at the Frank Lloyd Wright Pope-Leighy House. Have a great weekend yourselves.


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