Spare Change

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So I made this awesome Video using a story I heard on WGBH's morning stories. It's a story called Spare Change by Rich Borofsky. I love little tiny stories that make me love life and feel good about myself. So check out the video. Yeah, video blog week!
Also I want to tell you about some really awesome websites. Just because I got done reading Newsweeks article this week on Web 2.0 that talks about some really cool sites. First, prosper.com an awesome idea thats like loans but with a p2p twist. Social groups and bids with micro-lending. Check it out, at least you'll be amazed how revolutionary it is.
Next is co-worker, which is this idea of cafes that are a little bit more exclusive that talior at making a social work spare for self-employed creative types. Check that out to.
Quickly without much explanation check out these sites. subservient chicken, manvsmagnet.com, And check out my blog pimped out yeah, gizoogle it!


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