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So I guess someone, I dunno who but according to feedbuner averaging 5, people are wondering what i've been up to. I haven't been blogging recently because I've been very busy with work and school. Also I've gotten some great news lately. I got into VCU, i'm going for advertising. I can't wait. I'm so excited because I don't have to wait anymore for an answer. And since I found out on the 22 of February. And that's where I stand. I made some cool art peices in photo, which i'll post a picture of monday. and I went to the dadist exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. So basically I've been working really hard to get forms into VCU, info for Pope-Leighy, and Art and Work for school. I'm currently working on 2 films and one screenplay. So I apologize if I don't post for a little bit.
Also I found the time thursday night to goto the DC Indy Film Festival. check um out at dciff.org , I thought it was really awesome and I loved the idea of going to my first film festival. Well, check out the photos on flickr and stay well.


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