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My last day of the my job at the SI. I am truly going to miss it. I made a audioblog about that day and some of the other happenings. I really love audioblogs. My podcasting days are coming I hope.
I went with sean to DCAC yesterday, And we saw the jumboslice being made. If you want the biggest slice of pizza ever go to adams morgan. I love the way that that area is growing. There really is some good gentrification happening.
I am looking right now for a trendy area to visit in L.A. like Adams Morgan. I don't think their are trendy people in L.A. Probly won't have much time in the town anyways. I am going to take lots of photos while I'm there.
Well that was just a short post for now. I can't wait till Nadja gets back. P.S. last night Wash Improv theatre made a blog and so du ku reference. I love this town.
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