Back From the Mid-West

Well I got back from the mid-west on Wednesday. I have to say that it was one of the most awesome trips ever. I left last Friday and first arrived in Cinncinatti OH, we saw the Lincoln presenters and the Underground Rail Road and Freedom Center. That was so cool. Best days ever. Saw the Taft house While I was there too.
Next day We left for Ft. Wayne IN. That was really cool because the first night there we went Laser Tagging. The next day we went to the Lincoln mueseum there.
For the next two days we went to Springfield Ill. It's so awesome. I love the city because it's just such a nice place. I just wish it would keep some of it's places open. The Lincoln mueseum and library there, it is so awesome and so exciting, I only wish we had cool holographic images like they do.
Then we had a long bus drive home, almost 20 hours, I made about 40 minutes worth of video while on the trip. so hopefully i'll have a cool video blog for you soon. Talk to you you later.


Anonymous Emily said...

hmmm, that's all you're going to say about it? lol, gotta keep it rated G, i guess.

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