Where Have I Been?

Runaway Trash Can
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Well I just want to apologize to myself for taking such a long break. I'm Sorry.
The Protest on Saturday was awesome. The best ever easy. I have video from the whole thing and I will edit it to a vlog verysoon. I have been kinda busy and it's been a hassle to put the protests from D.C. In context. I was very excited and invigorated by the whole thing.
In Other News:
I read the story about the $100 lap top on C-Net and I really love this design. This idea is so wonderfull down to the ac adapter. Forget the third world kids, where can I get one. Check out the Photos on C-Net.
Well check my life out later. I will hope to have some finnished stuff alittle sooner.


The Santa Orb

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A really wierd Santa Orb I found at giant, it's only September, What the Hell. Also I just want to say that I am so excited about the free concert and protests that are going to hit D.C. in Septemeber.
You all need to Check out whats going on in the world of politics and anti-politiks. Goto United For Peace & Justice for more links about the Protests and Concert featuring theaver corp.
Also I'm very excited about whats going on in the world of citizen journalism, so check out unmediated, a blog about the changing world of media. Peace


Broken Butterfly

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Well I've experienced the first week back at school, and survived. It was actually quite easy and fun. It's intresting to see all the youth in my area converged onto one spot. So here are some of my observations for the week:
First off I just want to ask all parents of freshmen in High school, what the hell are you thinking when you send your kids to school and let them wear jean skirts and tank tops. Your kids are not the innocent little girls that left your womb. So stop being passive and put your foot down for once.
Secondly I want to say as a Senior this year I am exciteds about what this means for my daily life. Walking around as an 18 year old male in a school of immature little kids (sometimes they act like kids), it reveals to me that I will be observing alot of idiotic ideas being acted on. So for all those who plan to be an idiot and sucome to peer influences, stop now and think about it's long term effects.
Finally, I just want everyone to know that High school has really changed and it's getting worse I think, maybe it'll change or maybe I just don't have enought hind sight. Oh well, talk to you latter. Bye


Last Days Of Freedom

Wal-Mart Worker
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Only a couple days until my first day as a senior.
Finally going to be able to take some good B&w shots around D.C. Tomarrow. Also I hope to experience my town from which i have left for so long. Here I come smash and all those other great stores I like in Georgetown. Also I plan to make a stop in Adams Morgan, Maybe. I hear it's getting totally gentrified, saw a Ben & Jerry's Last time.
Later in september will be all that anti-war protest stuff. Can't wait. I love to see people begin to care. Also i hope to snap some good photos and video. I love this vlog idea. But can be hard if you have nothing to say. Makes for great practice at film making though. I hope lots of people saw my vlog. I added myself to the vlogmap and sent an e-mail to freevlog so hopefully i will get some viewers.
If you are a viewer stay tuned. I hope to expand into lots of diffrent meduims and give alot of info. who knows. Well talk later. Have good day. I pray for the big easy.

Summer Vacation Vlog

My first actually vlog that shows something about my life. Here is me and my trip to California and Kansas City. Enjoy with music from the Dead Kennedy's. Please Don't Sue.
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Fast Movin' Sean

A video of Sean getting into his car. Very cool, lots of takes though.
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