Hansel & Gretel Making-of Pt. 2

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Again, I trying to post more videos more often, also I've put another photo on flickr. Just trying to keep my online presence alive. In my real person life, I'm just really busy working on this film. Also I'm busy reading rss feeds, that stuff really does take over your life. Here in Virginia It's been ungodly hot and humid. So check out the video. And try to stay cool.


Making Of Hansel & Gretel Pt. 1

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So I've worked this weekend on the set for Hansel and Gretel. It's really cool, I used two wood panels w/chalkboard paint to create an awesome background, ala Dogville. Also I've been working hard coming up with ideas to use large sheets of plastic sheeting create back drops. I think that everything should look cool. And I hope that I have fun documenting the whole ordeal. Or go crazy during the filming, ala Hearts Of Darkness (documentary about the making of Apocolypse Now, not the novel).
Also in other news... our media has offically made me completely upset and I hate it oh so very much. First it wouldn't take videos over 10mbs, now it's just not taking my videos, so I guess get use to crappy flash videos from youtube. NOT, i guess i'll look for alternative options.
Well I have to get to work writing and photoshoping, I took a photo of this awesome destroyed TV. See You soon.


Spartan Idol...Finally

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So I'm finally posting a video since I've got some free time on this long weekend. Today I edited down a quick video, and as in quick I mean 28 mbs which might suck for those with narrow band, just so people can check out what's going on these days. Also to see what that article about me ment with the Spartan Idol video, so check it out.
Also with my free time I'll be editing my trip to the midwest. The photo's are already on flickr I've just been lazy and havn't had the time to edit 50 mins of video to 7. But the reason I didn't have any free time was because I've been working at Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House. Very cool, but time consuming because I was working there every weekend. But now expect lots of videos. Also I'm getting ready to shoot my video for film studies. I'll be putting up videos of the making-of too. So Have Fun. Enjoy the 3 day weekend. TTLY.


Coming Out Of Hiding

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So yeah, i've been gone for awhile. Worked on a video for Spartan Idol at school, and I am currently in production for a short film about Hansel & Gretel during wwii. So I appologize for basically falling off the face of the earth. Also I got an email from what seemed to be Tony Kahn, of wgbh's morning stories, he said he wanted to interview and talk about the video I made for the spare change story by Rich Borofsky, but it's been about 2 weeks and I havn't heard a reply. Well anyways, i'll be back really soon with a video, hopefully tomarrow actually, In the mean time check out some awesome photos by a talented friend of mine, Angela Welsch, click the umbrella fools!
P.S. You guys rocks, all of you.


Me the "vlogger"

Cool little article about vlogging, and me.
Me, the