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I'm Back Now

In the Army Now
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Well I've decided to do a post anyways. Don't really know why though. I can't think of a more stupid thing to do then blog about the past. Escpecially in this new day and age. But it is true I am back now and my posts will become more frequent. I read some where that the key to successful blogs are those that blog about current events and offer there own news and ideas. The death of a blog is suppose to be personal things like your life.
Personally I think you should blog about whatever you want, yet I digress. Well I'm back in my city and I should have something to write about soon. If you want to learn about my personal life and want to see what I've been up to for 2 weeks then goto my flickr account.
I also will FINALLY be posting video to my blog sometime this week. Hopefully tonight if I'm so inclined. Well this was a short post have a good day.


Weekend to Prepare

A Duck
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My last day of the my job at the SI. I am truly going to miss it. I made a audioblog about that day and some of the other happenings. I really love audioblogs. My podcasting days are coming I hope.
I went with sean to DCAC yesterday, And we saw the jumboslice being made. If you want the biggest slice of pizza ever go to adams morgan. I love the way that that area is growing. There really is some good gentrification happening.
I am looking right now for a trendy area to visit in L.A. like Adams Morgan. I don't think their are trendy people in L.A. Probly won't have much time in the town anyways. I am going to take lots of photos while I'm there.
Well that was just a short post for now. I can't wait till Nadja gets back. P.S. last night Wash Improv theatre made a blog and so du ku reference. I love this town.
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Staying Current

The Line Ceiling Effect
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What a week it has been. Today I am going to watch Nadja's sister as Nadja waits at the 9:30 club for The Doors to play. I'm just going to play playstation all day. That's cool. Also G4phoria is tonight. Yeah, with a little bit of sarcasm. Yesterday I went into a panic state as my ibook screen flickred and died once again. I was able to regain it and am currently using it, WITH caution. I've backed up all my data. Personal note to all those thinking about buying a mac, get the 3-year warrenty. It's only like $100 dollars if you buy it packaged with your mac.
Saturday Stevie, Nadja, And Me went to Georgetown. I miss my city so much some times. It's diffent going to work in D.C. and going for fun. So many new things are poping up. There's a new vintage clothes store there thats has a 50% off rack. Very cool. Also smash, my favorite punk shoppe, has a new 49cents C.D. stack chalked full of D.C. Indie goodness. Which has given me the idea that It might be time to dable in the ways of a podcast. I know that in the past I have slamed Podcasts for being irrelevent and that no one wants to listen to amutuer radio hosts. But I have a new found love for them as I work At Si and these podcasts keep me entertained. Granted most of the podcasts I love are from former TechTV persona. I still love the idea of being on the radio. The Plan:
I want to produce a D.C. area podcast. Strangly enough none exist. None that I find good at least. It would feature local area music, and advice on hot spots. I know that I am not the diffinitve source for whats hot in D.C. but I could quickly pick up on the pulse. Also I think there is a large audience for a 30 minute Indy D.C. podcast. Well maybe it's just me. I think i might reserve D.C. Indy podcast on blogger just to make sure.
I still have to mix down the music that I recorded with ramshakle smile. But I don't have to be done untill thursday when sean gets back. It's been really good to spend all this time with nadja. I fell really good right now. I'm getting excited about going to LA in a week. I can't wait for all the pictures I'm going to put up at least 20.
Well I don't know what else to say except this is an exciting time ahead. Adam Curry taking vacation is a good thing. It alows for others to take the spotlight. Yahoo has such an ugly layout. Well have a nice day. Stay tuned for a new podcast maybe. Bye.


Tell Me Again Your Story

Tell Me Again Your Story
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So whats Up World.
Again I've given my reason why I don't see a reason to work faster to update my blog. Things just don't have that much happening. I'm going to california on the 15th which will be cool.
Yesterday I went to my friend Stevie's step-mothers resturant. It was awesome. It's Bob Kinkead's Colvin Run Tavern. I had the vegitbal soup, chicken salad, and sour cherry chreme brulee. Excellent choice of dining. Also Ramshakle Smile recorded three new songs which I still have to mix. I think I'm going to leave that for tonight when I come home early because I have work tomarrow. Which I only have four more days of.
Speaking of the summer going by faster than usual. I took my senior pictures last thursday, very awesome.
Apple has released it's new multi button mouse. I'm excited but not in a rush to get a new mouse, i already an old mouse. Ron & Fez have switched to XM radio as of Sept. 12. I think is a good idea for them, they'll reach a way bigger audience now with their fantastic humor. I just wish they would release a 30 minute teaser every day of that days show. It would get them way more users.
I'll stick to my great podcasts.
Well thats really all I want to type today, I'm gonna go get ready and start walking. Till next time, keep posting.