Look At the Snow!

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This is a video that I shot on that Sunday. I really miss the snow. But I guess it's the trade off you give for 60 degree weather. Also I just wanted to say how great I felt today. I found this wonderful book called Hope for the Flowers. This book has really opened my eyes on the wonderful fight and revolution that life is. I asure you that I am not nearly as depressed as my last video put me out to be. So check it out and also go rent or buy the movie Pleasantville. This movie also has really changed my outlook on life including the movie Millions. So there's some media for you to go and consume. I hope it will impact you as much as it has me. Wow, I really feel good about this whole up and coming months.
Also, check it out. Isn't it intresting that I've got on average 4 subscribers to my blog now. I feel really proud of this fact. But also I don't want it to become something where I'm just making videos and things to keep more people coming back. I have to remind myself that it's out quality not quantity. So have a great week. I'm going to the dadist exhibit Saturday, and Monday I'm working at the Frank Lloyd Wright Pope-Leighy House. Have a great weekend yourselves.


Chilling Effect?

8 Inches of Snow
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Well, let me tell you, I've been doing some serious media research in the last 48hrs. First I'd like to direct you to the website Mediamatters.org, but which I've found has sometimes the tendency to leave it's unbiased nest egg and goto a Progressives only agenda. still great website that has inspired the reporter in me.
First I'd like to report on the ongoing work I've done in response to the Dec. leak of the Bush's admin illegal tapping actions. Because that's what exactly it is. Illegal. If gov't class has taught me anything it is that the exec. branch is not the law making body. So it had not right to circumvent the law. This is not to say that if Americans would truly look at what the warrantless taps were limited to, I think the fire would die down. Still, the FISA law was inacted after Nixon so unreasonably wiretaped subculture icons in America. What would lead us to belive that Bush would not do the same?
So here's links from my research, click around and learn for yourself. I won't spell everything out for you but we knew the NSA needed more power, but we never let the law grow with that new power. Start Learning America!


Snowy Days and Lazy Nights

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So these days I've been walking through the woods checking things out. Just kidding. Well I was just wanting to put up some video of the winter. Also I want everyone to bittorrent The IT Crowd from Channel 4 in Britian. It is perhaps my favorite show, and I've never before bittorrented a show and watch it in this set of circumstances. Well have fun. And live in the wonderful world of web 2.0 and new media. Yeah.


Funny Joke

Hey just wanted to keep you all informed. This week I've been pretty depressed. I've just got to really figure everything out in my head. I realize that high school doesn't last that long, so I've just got to make it till then, and then I'll be in college hopefully with some awesome mass communications people. And finally A female vlogger thats close to my age! Also I now have an account with 30 boxes, yeah!.
Also, the funniest blonde joke Ever!


Rainy Sunday

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So this weekend was intresting. I've diffently changed my mind on my generation. I've decided that I really don't relate with teens my age. So their for I am undeclaring my self as a teen. I am now an adult. So take that. I really just only get marketing people and internet and art people. I do not want to every night get high or drunk. So forget everbody else. I'm going to do my own thing. On saturday I went to VCU and checked out the Mass Communications classes. I'm really looking forward to hearing back from VCU. I hope I get in. I look forward to advertising. I picked up the first year mass comm book, and it seemed really intresting to me. Well check out the video. See ya later.