Two Minds
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This is college now, so yeah. I’m at VCU and it’s really intresting to be at a completely diffrent place, I look forward to putting up the first video from college. So yeah, completely diffrent experience. I really need to bring my camera with me to more places.
P.S. The new much cooler blog, which will take forever to get people switched over to, i'm sure. is http://jeffmacdonald.wordpress.com



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So finally I finished editing the Chicago trip video. Sorry for the wait, everything is crazy with the move only a few days away. I'm looking forward to college though. Big changes, but good ones too. It helps that I really like school (wow, that sounds terrible). Well anyways. School is starting soon. I'm sure I'll have some cool video to acompany my new surroundings. Including a 360 panorama of my dorm room when I get the chance. Also I'm planning on using the image sequencer built into framtheif to make a cool video before I leave, but who knows. Right now I really just want to Kayak. Talk to you later.
P.S. I'm through with ourmedia. It's blip.tv all the way now. Sorry if that messes up the archive watchers. I just can't stand ourmedia's terrible service.


On a Journey

Chicago Skyline
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So I'm still on a journey through the heart of the American Dream, it's been fun and relaxing. I've gotten to read Freakonomics and watch all sorts of TV. I've missed out on some blogs and podcasts. But I'm going back Thursday. So I'm looking forward to editing some video and creating a nice video blog entry, Until then, I'm still on vacation. With less then two weeks to go before the big move. See ya!


Old Art Film

This is an old animation I made to showcase some of my water color art. It was fun to make. Anyways I leave tomarrow, I don't think I'll be able to blog from the road even though I'll have my laptop, by the way I'm giving away the old one. Be sure that they'll be a content dump once I get back though. Adios.