War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds
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The West Wing went to the American movie diner, minus stevie and jon. The movie of the night was war of the world (1952). I got the hamburger and the chocolate milk shake. The food was average and filling. I love the atmosphere of the place, very safe and great stop in the area.
I was featured on DCist today, that was pretty cool. Also today Nadja finally got to watch the original Charley and the Chocolate Factory movie. I love that film.
I love my new camera so much.
So tomarrow I have my drawing class. I might not stay at Seans painting class. Seans going to be working any ways. I'll see. I really need a haircut. Thurday I'm getting my senior photos taken. That means I'll be working Tuesday to make up for time lost.
Also just to comment: Go see my blog post about islamist extremist at the begining of july about the current events of the weekend. I am so upset that people still have not caught up with the times.

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio

Experiment In Flow
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It has been so long since I've Blogged. Well that fact is I had a revalation. No one reads these things. People, most people, blog with the idea that people are actually reading these things. The truth is the greatest blogs on the internet still only get about 100 visitors per day. But I have come to with idea that people have been doing what I am doing for hundreds of years. I am keeping a diary. And It is archieving what is happening in my life. So for the sake of my life I will continue my world of blogging.
Nothing much is happening at work. I just got an e-mail about a really cool service that we will be adding at the SI. It's called WiVID, it's going to change the way you visit the SI. For example If you want to know more about a certain exhibit you simply just click on it's icon on the screen, it's going to be awesome.
Well today I'm going to experience some more blogger type activities. When I get back I try a better blog post.


Trying Out AudioBlogging

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Happy 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday
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Yes yes yes oh yeah, I'm 18.
That's my cake and yesterday was my birthday. It was awesome Jon, Stevie, Sean, and Nadja were all there. It was awesome. We watched some really cool shows. We ate some really awesome food. On my plate I had herbed chicken, monteray steak, country green beans, patato salad, italian salad, italian herbed tomatos, and much much more. I've never eaten so much in my life and so well. I am so full. I know it's been a long time since I blogged I'm sorry.
Yesterday was also a sad day. London was attacked for it's involvement with the U.S. in Iraq, among other things that it could be condemed with by being an Allie with the U.S. I just want to say that I think it's cowardess to attack civilians to get your idea across. Nothing can be accomplised throung violence. Never the less this attack will only fuel the tension between the muslium world and the democractic world. Both sides on this issue are becoming polarized. Both sides must step back and analysis more deeply there ideas. What exactly are we fighting for. In America it's are way of life. Our ability to live out our free lives without fear from religious idealogs. The Musliums are fighting for their way of life. They belive that American way of life goes against the teachings of the Koran. But like how Christian fudimentalists take things in the bible to literally, muslims are miss reading the Koran.
Well work has been going well and life is good for me. I might be getting a new digital camera soon. I am very excited. Also might get a VR2940 DVD recorder, that way I can take the shows from my dvr to dvd.
Apple should be coming out the the new phone today. Also google realeased the new toolbar for firefox, which is stupid because firefox has a google searchbar.
They main reason I haven't blogged in a while is because I've been experiencing the great world of podcasting. I've listened to some really great podcasts I love it. Also itunes takes video podcasting to a whole new level. Vlogs can truly thrive on Itunes.
This is truly and exciting and frightening world we are living in. Hopefully it will all work out for the better.


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