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old pic of Cici
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I just wanted to say this is by far the best pic I have ever seen on the net. Xeni Jardin came to our campus and gave a discussion on culture in the digital age. It was really cool and she offered alot of insight. I have to say however that SOME people to don't get the idea behind new media and social networking. One of the panelists I don't think even knew what a vlog was. Never the less it was amazing and it was so cool to be in the same room and Xeni. One of the things she talked about was this picture of a cat, so straight off a boing boing post, there it is. Also I'll give some links from the commonwealth times and vcu.edu
Check it out, and I'll have a video up soon.


VCU in 16x9

I did a whole lot of stuff this week, and this upcoming week has Xeni Jardin and other web 2.0 events. And i've managed only to shoot a few clips of the campus, I promise to start documenting more things. I went to the arabic film festival and it was alot of fun. so yeah that alot of what I'm doing, I decided to show you guys my campus and in 16:9 none the less, so check it out.

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The Adding Machine

Yesterday all of us (Corey, Andrew, Lindsey, & I) went to the Fan Tastic Thrift store. While I was wondering the asiles, as I normally do at thrift stores I found this awesome little adding machine. I think it's just about the coolest thing ever. So tonight I decided to film it while I sit in my dorm and listen to Bilie Holliday, and here is the result.

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Film by Nadja, Cory, and me that uses over 600 photos of the VCU campus to show an average evening. It was really fun making this film, I hope you enjoy it.

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My First College Video

So I made a quick little video about the first few weeks at college here at Virginia Commonwealth University. Incase your just plain intrested, i’m a mass communications student studying Creative Advertising/New Media. I really enjoy it here so far, even though none of my classes have anything to do with my major, but it helps to be here in such a creative atmosphere. It seems like everyone I meet is either a film maker or some kind of artist. I really enjoy echanging ideas and all that kind of cool stuff. Hopfully I’ll be able to get people intrested in my HQ idea. Talk to you later.

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Storm Ernesto @ VCU

Storm Ernesto @ VCU
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So the power went out Friday and the elevators stoped. Very intresting, you would think that the power going out wouldn’t have the elevators stopping in the middle of the building, but that’s exactly what happend. In the accompaning photo you can see three fire trucks answer to the call to maually hoist the elevators to the bottom of the buiding. Luckly I came home a few hours after the power was lost in richmond. Also the internet was out, so even on batteries, no one was doing anything productive at Brandt and Rhoads Hall. Quick tip to anyone who has an umbrella that inverts, mearly point into the wind your icecream bowl of an umbrella, using the force of the wind you can revert your umbrella back.
Well talk to you later, and with video!